Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gutman's Gutless Attack on Palin

While appearing on Laura Ingraham's radio show, attorney Howard Gutman accused Sarah Palin of putting career ahead of family by accepting the GOP VP nomination. Gutman is a member of Barack Obama's Finance Committee. (

Ingraham accused Gutman of sexism. Gutman countered it would be an issue whether McCain had picked Sarah Palin or Todd Palin as his running mate.


Gutman wouldn't give a fig about Palin's family situation if she were a flaming liberal Democrat.

Face it. Palin has Democrats spooked. They can't hold a handle to Palin on the issues and her natural gifts so they have to attack a five month old child and her soon to be born grandchild. That is what makes Gutman's attack gutless.

Barack Obama promised to fire anyone who engaged in attacks on his opponent's family. Yet Gutman remains.

Well, if Gutman and his ilk continue this line of argument and Obama can't keep them in check then they are going to turn off a lot of voters and guarantee a big turn out for McCain-Palin especially among women.

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