Monday, September 22, 2008

Iraqi MP Could Be Executed For Visiting Israel

Some critics of the War in Iraq claim it was a war for Israel. Some claim that one of the objectives of the War in Iraq was to create an ally for Israel in the Middle East.

Well, Mithal al-Alusi proves this thesis wrong.

Alusi is an Iraqi Member of Parliament who has publicly supported the State of Israel. In fact, he has visited the State of Israel twice.

Alusi, who is a Sunni, first visited Israel in September 2004. After his first visit, Alusi was expelled from Ahmad Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress. The Left (plus a few paleocons) has long asserted that Chalabi wanted to seek diplomatic ties between Iraq and Israel. Alusi was also fired from the DeBaathificaton Commission. However, Alusi would be elected to Iraq's Parliament as the sole member of Al Umma (a.k.a. Iraqi Democratic Party - a secular political entity). Sadly, Alusi's two sons and bodyguard were killed in an ambush intended for him in February 2005. Iraq's then Minister of Culture Assad Kamal al-Hashemi was charged with the murder but remains at large.

Alusi visited Israel again earlier this month to attend an anti-terrorism conference sponsored by the IDF. Now Alusi has been barred from the Iraqi Parliament and his parliamentary immunity has been stripped. He might also be charged with visiting Israel which in Iraq is a crime that is punishable by death because Israel is considered an enemy nation. Iraqis are also barred from holding dual Iraqi-Israeli citizenship. It should be noted that Alusi has travelled to Israel on a German passport. Alusi went into exile in Germany when Saddam sought to have him killed for anti-government activity.

Don't get me wrong. Iraq is better off without Saddam. Iraq does have a chance to become a thriving democracy. But the notion the War in Iraq was fought to benefit Israel is pure fantasy on the part of the Left as well as the disciples of Pat Buchanan as demonstrated by their treatment of Alusi.

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