Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain-Obama I: McCain's Secret Weapon is Petraeus

I think John McCain won this debate. His secret weapon was General David Petraeus. Every time McCain mentioned Petraeus he landed body blows on Obama and put him on the defensive throughout the night.

McCain also scored points where it concerned Iran and Russia's invasion of Georgia. There were times when Obama seemed to try to befriend McCain by stating he agreed with him. McCain was having none of it.

But even if McCain won the battle it is no guarantee he will win the war. The subsequent debates are going to focus on domestic issues and with the economy hanging like The Sword of Damocles the advantage is with Obama. But if a bailout agreement comes together it could help McCain. But bailout agreement or not, if McCain exceeds expectations in the next two debates it could very well be what turns the corner for The Maverick.

But first we have Palin-Biden on October 2nd.

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