Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher Are Both Mothers

Normally, I don't comment about other articles that appear on IC be it positive or negative. But given the hysterical sentiment amongst the MSM and in left-wing circles concerning Sarah Palin I did not expect such hysteria would spread to the pages of IC.

But there it is. Joe McMillan goes all Sally Quinn on Sarah Palin in today's article, "Palin Hysteria". McMillan makes the astonishing claim that McCain's selection of Palin as his running mate represents not only "a wholesale sellout of values and principles" but "put a final nail in the coffin of the family." Now who is being hysterical here?

McMillan goes on to claim that "children can be sacrificed on the altar of their mother's vanity and ego." This is a very sweeping statement that could apply to everyone from Sarah Palin to all the other Sarahs in the world.

For that matter, it could also apply to the Margarets of the world. Margaret Thatcher was first elected to the House of Commons in 1959 just days shy of her 34th birthday as a backbencher in Harold McMillan's Conservative government. When first elected she was the mother of six year old fraternal twins. She would hold this seat until 1992.

While Thatcher did not become leader of the Conservative Party until 1975 when her children were grown there can be little doubt Thatcher made many family sacrifices in the pursuit of her political career. The hours spent meeting with constituents, at political fund raisers, in meetings with government and party officials and, of course, seeking re-election. There can be little doubt Margaret Thatcher sacrificed time with her children as did any other male politician in her position. Her sacrifices were made in advancement of conservatism in Britain and abroad. As someone who has been around politicians for as long as I can remember they short circuit time with their family be they men or women.

Somehow I suspect if Mr. McMillan had directed his comments to Mrs. Thatcher in person I suspect she would have shoved her foot so far up Mr. McMillan's behind she would find out what he had for breakfast.

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