Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarkozy & Syria; Asaad Offers "Peace" With Israel

While French President Nicolas Sarkozy is an improvement over Jacques Chirac, I'm not comfortable with his engagement of Bashir Asaad in Syria. The Syrian President today put forth a peace overture to Israel. What exactly that peace overture was he wouldn't say. But it wouldn't involve dissociation from Hezbollah or the "resistance" against occupation (read terrorism). Asaad added nothing would be done until a new U.S. President and Israeli Prime Minister were in place.

Israel and Syria have been exchanging messages through Turkey. That's fine. But why should Sarkozy do anything to curry favor with the Syrians when they have not done anything to renounce support for terrorism. Sarkozy is essentially rewarding Asaad for his behavior and risks looking foolish in so doing.

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