Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thailand's PM Ousted Over Cooking Show

Thailand has been in political turmoil for months over the government of Samak Sundravaj, who was elected to office in August 2007. There have been protests for several months and on September 2nd, Samak imposed a state of emergency.

Today, Thailand's Constitutional Court removed Samak from power not because of anything his government did during the state of emergency but because of a cooking show.

A cooking show?

Prior to being elected Prime Minister, Samak hosted a popular cooking show on Thai TV for seven years. He still continued to make appearances on the show while in office. According to the Constitutional Court, the Prime Minister's appearances constituted private employment and under the Thai constitution a Prime Minister cannot make outside income.

Well, so much for Emeril or Wolfgang Puck considering a career in Thai politics.

However, the Thai Parliament will likely hold a vote tomorrow reinstating Samak as Prime Minister although that will surely reignite street protests, state of emergency or not.

Who knew that making Pad Thai could stir such raw emotion?

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