Thursday, October 2, 2008


When I watched the debate I thought Biden set the tone and controlled the tenor of the debate. Sarah Palin did not fall on her face and break her glasses and I did not expect her too. But I thought Biden had a better command of the issues. I don't agree with him on the issues and thought Palin should have challenged him more where it concerned his characterization of McCain's positions especially Iran and drilling. I was also struck that Biden didn't put his foot in his mouth or appear in any way condescending to Palin. Gwen Ifill also performed reasonably well and avoided showing her pro-Obama biases.

Of course, last week I thought McCain was the clear winner in the debate. But the polls said Obama won the debate and he has been climbing in the polls. With this mind, the folks on FOX seem very happy with Palin as is Frank Luntz's focus group.

Yesterday, I submitted an article on IC on Palin which has appeared elsewhere. I argue that Sarah Palin is of the people. She's your mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister and sister's friend. She can be found in our diners, hardware stores and union shop floors. She's smart and ambitious but knows that doesn't make her better than you. So when the American people see her they want to see her succeed. With this litmus test in mind, Sarah Palin set out to do what she intended to do - a) sell John McCain and b) demonstrated a great knowledge of energy issues and a growing knowledge of others and perhaps most importantly c) speak to America as a flesh and blood human being.

Even if Palin's performance boosts McCain's numbers will a critical mass of Americans who are concerned about the economy be prepared to vote for a Republican ticket even if it has two mavericks? McCain and Palin need to ask Obama and Biden how we will pay for his expensive promises he knows he can't keep. There might still be a month but time is running low.

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Anonymous said...

I found the debate much more enjoyable and informative than the presidential one. Biden did not gaffe like many on the right expected, and Palin did not fall flat on her face, like everyone on the left expected.

Biden went after McCain and backed off of Palin, which I thought was classy. The attacks on Palin have been cheap ones, at best, and he focused more on McCain, which seems logical. Palin hit Biden hard in a very smart way: Biden's support for McCain. She painted Biden as having more in common with McCain than Obama, and that he mentioned that he would've been honored to be on McCain's ticket, and how on most things, Biden and Obama just don't agree!

All in all, Biden came out looking a lot better than the liberal media portrays him (which says something when he is a liberal), and Palin was very effective. I would say that between the VPs, it was a draw or possibly Biden's win in terms of his image, but I felt it was a win for the McCain-Palin ticket. Just my two cents.