Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bush Says He'll Establish a "Freedom Agenda" Policy Center

Former President George W. Bush told an audience in Toronto last night that he intends to establish a "freedom agenda" policy center located in Texas.

"Freedom is transformative. Freedom brings hope and freedom brings peace," said Bush during a joint appearance with former President Bill Clinton. The discussion was moderated by Frank McKenna, the former Canadian Ambassador to the United States and also former Premier of New Brunswick.

Shortly before he left office I wrote an article titled, "The Post-Presidency of George W. Bush." I argued the cause of individual liberty is something dear to Bush. As such it will be a cause he pursues in earnest once he has left office. This announcement confirms these intentions.

I look forward to the contributions George W. Bush can make to the cause of individual liberty around the world. I also look forward to writing about these efforts.

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The Rev said...

Freedom is an internal drive in the spirit of man. Recently, in serious and gentle coversation with several strong men - strong in personal convictions about freedom from the Liberal view - I engaged them in dynamic interchange about World View. A sub-point is Universals vs Pariculars - the debate which has raged for centuries. Socrates and Plate are pictured in the classic gesture of these two opposing philosphies of life.
Freedom which Bush espouses which is found in Unversals is in contrast to the Liberal view of Freedom which is based upon Rule by the Elite (see Francis Schaeffer)