Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally! A prolife cancer organization: Respect Life Cancer Foundation

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The Respect Life Cancer Foundation is an organization focused on curing cancers by respecting ALL life. We will recommend and donate funds to cancer research facilities that DO NOT support abortion and DO NOT support EMBRYONIC stem cell experimentation. We believe strongly that all life should be respected at all levels of development.

Several national cancer curing organizations fund/and or support abortion, and most, sadly, support experimenting on embryos. We find this appalling, particularly because the information is often hidden from the donating public. We seek to change that...with your help! (read less)
General Information
The Respect Life Cancer Foundation was founded by David Roney, a three year survivor and life-long pro-life advocate. Appalled that so much money was being raised to help people while hurting the most defenseless among us, David saw a need to inform the public about where their money was going, as well as provide a safe way for people to donate without creating moral and ethic conflicts.
To cure cancer by respecting ALL human life.
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