Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Don't Owe Illegal Aliens Anything

By David Lawrence

I don’t want to bend over backwards for illegal aliens.  We have enough malnourished Americans about whom to concern ourselves. Kindness begins at home.  I don’t see Mexicans handing out citizenship to Americans.
Too many crimes are committed by illegal immigrants.  A particularly egregious one is Francisco Sanchez, 45, who was arrested in connection for the killing of Kathryn Steinle, 32.  She was walking with her dad along Pier 14 in San Francisco.   Sanchez had already been deported five times.  Where is the wall to keep out repeat offenders?
In court you are innocent until proven guilty.  In border control you should be guilty until proven innocent.  The immigrant is not on trial for a potential long prison sentence.  He is merely being told that he is not eligible for entry and should try again when his papers are in order.
Kathryn Steinle was shot to death while walking with her father, Jim, along a pier on the San Francisco waterfront.  Shouldn’t there be some extra punishment for killing a daughter in front of her father?  Isn’t that beyond the milk of inhuman unkindness? Isn’t that a hate crime against the family structure.
Sanchez’s criminal history includes seven prior felony convictions.  Isn’t he the kind of degenerate that Donald Trump is talking about?
What’s San Francisco’s complicity in Steinle’s death?  Shouldn’t the politicians who play  goody goody with illegal, criminal immigrants go to jail for complicity in the murder of Steinle.
Don’t we have enough American murderers without having to import Mexican killers?
 A borderless country is a country without values and tradition.  It is turning the American Dream into a nightmare. It is the malfeasance of liberals who inadvertently want to turn government into anarchy by emphasizing government.  Our jobs go to immigrants who have not historically earned them.
Kathryn Steinle would be alive today if San Francisco had honored Sanchez’s outstanding drug warrant.
The fruits of immigration looseness are the death of innocent citizens. San Francisco corroborated with Sanchez in killing Steinle. 

The politicians congratulate themselves while they allow their own people to be murdered.  The liberal voters probably  feel more sympathy  for Sanchez than Steinle.  Perhaps it will hit home when members of their own families suffer from the murderous chaos of progressivism.

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