Sunday, July 12, 2020

Hit & Run Commentary #129

Apparently women that don’t cook from scratch are failures for violating Biblical admonitions regarding taking care of their families because processed foods and preservatives are not mentioned in Scripture. Utilizing such logic, does that make one a failure as a man if you cannot get his woman to comply with this objective? More importantly, aren’t you a failure if you propagate your decree by any method other than the sort of parchments upon which the original canonical texts were written upon? It is at this point where the condemnation starts rolling in for hashing out where such presuppositions end up.

To keep the flames of racial animosity and resentment stoked, the Washington Post published a supplement 9/4/19 titled “Teaching Slavery”. An interesting fact contained within was that at one point in his life Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves. As such, shouldn’t all statues of him on public land and in parks be removed? And if Andrew Jackson must be removed from the twenty dollar bill over his shortcomings in terms of race relations to be replaced by Harriet Tubman, shouldn’t Grant be similarly removed from the $50 and replaced with someone like Frederick Douglas or Sojourner Truth?

National Review has published an analysis titled “Walmart’s Retreat On Guns Means Woke Capitalism Is Here To Stay”. Ironic that those supporting this use of corporate policy to alter the ethical landscape by denying access to perfectly legal products used to rampage the most about the impropriety of someone imposing their morality upon someone else.

An infant changing table was erected in the stall of a men’s room. On it was a warning reading, “Never leave children unattended.”  Yet neither of these things were that worthy of note. What leapt out about the situation was that the warning was printed on the hygenic fixture in Braille. The blind of course need to change their children like anybody else. But are you going to tell me that they are going to run their hands all over the changing table in pursuit of that message?

Home school activist Kevin Swanson admonished believers not to grumble about persecution and tyranny. No doubt he would have also believed the wrought iron words on the camp gate “Work set you free”.

So are these global warming brats going to surrender their posh lifestyles and pursue careers of subsistence agriculture rather than degrees in useless academic majors such as minority or gender studies?

Outrage has erupted over anyone that has responded to Greta Thunberg and her brand of Young Pioneers with anything other than abject acquiescence. WiIl similar condemnation be leveled at the pedagogues and propagandists that manipulated her into such a froth in the first place?

Outrage has erupted against those that have given anything but the benefit of the doubt to Young Pioneer Greta Thunberg. Yet these are no doubt the same ones that rhetorically called for the scalp of the Maga hat Catholic lad that did nothing more than look on with a perplexed smirk on his face as some American Indian beat a drum in his face like some sort of lunatic.

If at 16, Greta Thunberg is apparently too young to handle criticism of her call for planetary revolution and the upending of the contemporary socioeconomic system, why ought we to assume that those of the same age are capable of deciding matters of abortion and contraception for themselves?

If Greta Thunberg and her band of Young Pioneers are really all that concerned about pending environmental collapse, why did they nor prevent the unnecessary expenditure of fossil fuels by addressing Congress and the United Nations through virtual telepresence rather than by personal appearance?

If authorities across Europe punish Christian parents homeschooling their children over violating compulsory attendance laws, why aren’t the parents of Greta Thunberg as vigorously prosecuted for being even more neglectful for allowing her to miss academic instructional time in favor of subversive activism?

If Comrade Thunberg is going to invoke autism as an excuse to deflect analysis of her policy proposals, what is so wrong with pointing out she has a mental illness? Doesn’t her sort constantly remind the general population of their neurological state when attempting to get their handouts denied everybody else and at times even why they should not be required to abide by the standards of conduct by which the remainder of us are expected to comport ourselves?

Outrage has erupted over a Michigan ruling deciding that faith-based adoption agencies can refuse to place children with gay prospective parents. Will those feigning concern over the civil liberties implications of such a verdict get as jacked out of shape over religious foster parents and assorted childcare providers forbidden from teaching the youth in their care as to what constitutes a morally proper family and carnal relations?

In criticizing the feminist criticism of the Joker film, Rush Limbaugh closed his morning update remarking in regards to comic book movies that these productions are signs that people need to grow up. What about himself? Limbaugh is the one that has had four wives, the latest nearly thirty years younger than himself. Limbaugh ridicules entertainment derived from comics. Yet he is on the record as being such a fan of the series 24 that there exists a photo of him just about playing tonsil hockey with the actress that portrayed the character Chloe when both appeared at a Heritage Foundation panel discussion examining the conservative fan base that developed surrounding that drama. Can it explained how Jack Bauer is any different than Batman or at least the Punisher?

By Frederick Meekins