Friday, May 27, 2022

Leftist Platitudes Won't Stop A Single Shooting

 In an initial analysis, many of the platitudes proffered by Sojourners Magazine seem well intended. 

Yet it is often more that these ultimately fail to address the world as it actually exists in favor of how one might long for it to be. 

For example, in recognition of the Texas school massacre, this media outlet distributed as part of its regular email newsletter a poem with the words, “Rise above the fear, speak out loud and clear.  For our children, put the weapons away.” 

The piece ends with the sort of repetition characterizing much Evangelical praise and worship music where the lyricist apparently runs out of things to say, “We’ve got to stop the senseless killing.” 

Yet it must be pointed out seldom are these horrifying incidents interdicted with words alone. 

Often, as in the case of Salvavor Ramos, the only way to bring about a successful resolution is through the utilization of the very sorts of weapons that the pious snowflakes at Sojourners Magazine agitate to have removed from the hands of free citizens.

by Frederick Meekins