Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UN Secretary General Bashes Israel

Yesterday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon lambasted Israel at a regional UN meeting in Uruguay.

So what else is new?

Ban specifically called on Israel to stop expanding settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as to ease the blockade on Hamas in Gaza. The Secretary General stated, "Actions that prejudge the outcome of the process must stop." If that wasn't enough Ban also praised the efforts of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank "to establish viable State institutions."

Frankly, I don't know what "viable State institutions" in the Palestinian Authority to which Ban was referencing. But the Secretary General made no mention of Mahmoud Abbas' overtures to Hamas, made no mention of its culpability in the massacre of the Fogel family, made no mention of the recent bombing in Jerusalem nor did he make any mention of the escalating rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza. I guess Ban doesn't deem Palestinian behavior constitute "actions that prejudge the outcome of the process."

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