Sunday, November 6, 2011

And What If We Do Begrudge?

Apart from being the first President elected primarily for the color of his skin rather than the content of his character, Barack Obama will be remembered for a number of other peculiarities as well.

Foremost among these is wallowing himself in a number of opulent luxuries he believes you as a mere commoner ought to curtail and possibly even be denied.

Often, when those in the press pool, who have to be leery when steeping off a curb afterwards, point out the incongruities of a Chief Executive that called for shared sacrifice while the First Family enjoys pleasures the rest of us can only dream about, we are told that the American people would not begrudge the President a vacation.

But what if we do?

Barack Obama, not the American people, was the one lamenting that we eat what we want, drive around in SUV’s, and keep our homes climate controlled at 70 degrees.

Barack Obama, not the American people, is the one with a deep sense of elation each time fuel costs rise. After all, he was the one that told us that, under his system of cap and trade, utility bills would necessarily skyrocket anyway.

As part of the fleet of presidential vehicles, the Secret Service unveiled to the public two modified passenger buses.

These alterations included security enhancements such as armor plating and state of the art electronics. It does not take an engineering degree to realize that neither of these contributed to the mileage and fuel economy of the vehicles in a positive manner.

So while Obama will ride around in comfort and safety, you (on the other hand) if you dare have the nerve to step outside the house since you aren’t really suppose to go anywhere these days, with all the propaganda extolling the wonders of locally grown produce and social planners corralling people into developments of higher population density, are to ride around in rolling death traps that provide little protection whatsoever.

Around the time of the debut of these behemoth additions to the presidential motorcade, Obama announced that fuel efficiency standards were being raised to 54 miles per gallon.

A true leader does not require of those he is charged with overseeing things he is not willing to require of himself.

Barack Obama might hold the highest elected office in the United States. However, he does not do so as a true leader one would gladly follow irrespective of whether or not he was the one that had all the firepower and lawyers at his disposal.

by Frederick Meekins

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