Monday, August 13, 2012

What Else Would Drudge Like Done The Red Chinese Way?

On his website, Drudge had a picture of a Chinese athlete holding her gold medal.  Beneath it, the headline simply read "Domination."

However, at that point in the games, did a few more gold medals with other medal counts being near equal with the United States constitute "Domination"?

Perhaps Drudge ought to emphasize the price in terms of human dignity and liberty expended to achieve that slight advantage.

As someone that depends on the free flow of ideas and unhindered access to the Internet, one would think Mr. Drudge would be a little more guarded in his enthusiasm for the Red Chinese way of doing things. 

It is a shame.  Olympic officials and enthusiasts fly into an outrage over a number of athletes realizing that the way to get ahead might not be by really putting their best foot forward; yet very little is done to condemn a system that produces athletes in facilities barely better than high tech slave labor camps where the parents of the inmates are so afraid of diminishing the glory of the state that they conceal the hardships and tragedies befalling family members.

by Frederick Meekins

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Anonymous said...

I agree, but only because I am a patriot and have a Western civilization mindset. The ChiComs have a viewpoint diametrically opposed to our value of the individual. They believe that the glory of the state does indeed supersede all other considerations. The individual is nothing if he or she lives in a way they would call selfish, egoistic and narrow. You would be much better off zeroing in on that dilemma rather than shaming Drudge.