Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Liberal Beat Down at the Trayvon Martin Rally in Oakland

by David Lawrence

Well, the spoiled egotists are at it again.  They have not gotten their way on the Zimmerman trial and are taking justice into their own hands.  They are beating on a filmmaker in Oakland, Christian Hartsock, similar to the way Martin pounded Zimmerman’s head on the concrete.
Are these vicious members of the crowd what we want to substitute for neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman? Are they suggesting that we substitute brutal mob behavior for morality and modest discussion?
It reminds me of the spoiled brats at Occupy Wall Street.  Like these college flunkies could create a functioning Wall Street. Criticism does not imply superiority.  It often is resentfulness for those who are better than us.
Don’t the beasts in the crowd realize that they undercut their own accusations of racism when they assault an innocent man on racial grounds?  Is stupid really this stupid?  Is vengeance so blind that it picks unjustified targets and embarrasses itself by beating innocence?
I am a Jew.  We suffered the worst tragedy during the holocaust?  That doesn’t mean that we have to side with every victim even when he might have been the aggressor.  That doesn’t mean we have to be violent when we recognize that violence was unfairly used against us. That doesn’t mean that we have to defend Trayvon Martin when a court has decided that Zimmerman was innocent.  Who are these protesters?  Lawyers?  Judges?  Or activists looking for a fight.
And the blacks who give up the pacifist card are playing with a full deck of aggression and unfair anger. 
They deal out “Go Fish,” looking for guilt in a pool of confused innocence.
The blacks and Jews should be asking for calm.  Violence has always betrayed us.  The protesters were chanting, “No justice, no peace --fuck you pigs in your sleep.” Are we supposed to get rid of our present judicial system and government to replace them by violent animals?  They are hearkening back to Charlie Manson days when his crew called the cops “pigs.”
Naïve Americans are proud of protest.  I protest.  Protest with underpinnings of violence is regress to Neanderthal times. Shakespeare said, “The lady doth protest too much.”  So do the angry demonstrators. Almost none of them even know Trayvon Martin.  They want to make him a brother for their own violent devices.

When Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 everyone in Great Neck North High School broke into tears.  I didn’t.  I told my friends, “I don’t know Kennedy, why should I cry?”  I don’t know Trayvon.  Either do you.  Quit crying and learn to adjust to a difficult life with dignity, self-improvement and pacifistic forethought.

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