Friday, October 18, 2013

Mediocre Comedian Fancies Himself As Historically Astute

During an appearance on the 10/8/13 Tonight Show, has-been comedian D.L. Hughley condescendingly quipped how ignorant it was to compare Hitler and Obama.

After all, Obama only wants to provide everyone with health insurance.

Hitler, on the other hand, intended to obliterate and destroy those deemed unworthy of continued existence by the standard of his pernicious worldview while controlling in nearly every last detail those permitted to remain alive.

Since D.L. Hughley is now being promoted as an expert on historical and political affairs, perhaps he might care to enlighten us on the comprehensive array of tactics and strategies Hitler used to rise to power.

Granted, there were always a cadre of followers attracted by the violence and brutality inherent to the National Socialist ideology.

However, an even a greater number of Germans were lured into this deception in large part through promises of lavish social programs encompassing nearly every facet of existence.

One might think of the approach taken back then similar to that of the Life Of Julia propaganda utilized today.

Seldom do tyrants announce their intended deprivations of fundamental liberties upfront.

For example, buried in the bowels of the terms of use on a number of the Obamacare exchange websites is a clause stipulating that any personal information that the applicant submits to obtain the insurance mandated under penalty of law can be forwarded to other agencies for the purposes of law enforcement and audit.

It must be admitted that Barack Obama is likely not as deliberately bloodthirsty as the infamous German Chancellor.

But that said, one of his goals is nonetheless a thinning of the population of those he views as detrimental to the Volk or rather the COMMUNITY.

As the strictures of the Obamacare system tighten their grip around the neck of the American people, increasingly those having surpassed specific plateaus of existential chronology in all likelihood will be denied certain varieties of treatment.

When asked at a campaign forum, Obama himself suggested that a 90 year old still possessing a zest for life might just have to be denied those resources that would enable continued temporal existence.

The thing with those aspiring to exert near total control over the lives of targeted populations, as is the case with the spiritual father of such despots (the devil), you often don't realize what has been stolen from you until it is too late.

By Frederick Meekins

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