Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If There Is Nothing Wrong With Pot, Why Can't It Be Consumed Openly?

With the legalization of medicinal cannabis in the nation's capital, the DC city council is now debating whether or not to legalize public consumption of this disputed substance.

But if there is nothing inherently questionable about this pharmacological compound and its preferred form of combustible vaporized conveyance, why shouldn't one be able to use it out in the open?

Should a diabetic be fined if they need to use an insulin pen on a public street?

Should an asthmatic be detained by police if they need a puff from their inhaler while walking down the sidewalk?

WMAL morning host Brian Wilson astutely remarked that this issue focuses around what kind of image Washington, DC wants to project to the world.

But if marijuana is to be considered as no different than anything else an individual wants to take into their body, what is to prevent legislation from being enacted forbidding the consumption of junk food in a public picnic area or even in front of children as part of a campaign to encourage healthy eating and nutrition?

By Frederick Meekins

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