Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hobby Lobby Wins

By David Lawrence

The Supreme Court has backed Hobby Lobby’s plan not to pay for contraceptives as mandated by dogmatic, communistic, self-imploding Obamacare.
There can be no religious freedom when the government mandates contraception and abortions.  It is one thing to permit abortions. It is another to insist that Hobby Lobby or we pay for them.
Mindless Mayor de Blasio who sounds like talking points for Progressivism, tweeted, “The #HobbyLobby decision is a loss that undermines the progress we’ve made for women and their access to reproductive care.”
What does he know about women?  He is married to a sometimes lesbian and speaks about women like they are a foreign country that he visits but doesn’t understand. He is a mouthpiece for women but doesn’t have a clue as to what they are all about. If I were a woman and he spoke up for me I would disregard him. The same way if I were a marine and Obama praised me.
And why does everyone suddenly assume that healthcare must pay for contraception?  When I was young I had self-control and didn’t knock women up.  I didn’t feel that the government had to pay for my prophylactics.  I didn’t feel that they had to pay for my food.  I didn’t feel that they had to give me a phone or a car.  I didn’t feel that they had to pay for my rent.
Has the government become me?  Is it living my life for me?  Have we become hand- me-downs from a country that is a giant pool of unearned income?
Atheists believe in abortion.  So why do they believe in a God in the sky who will support them when they don’t work?
If you can’t hold it in and can’t spend a couple of dollars on a bag, do manual sex.  Why so spoiled?  Whatever happened to self-control?


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