Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ezekiel Emmanuel, Health Care is meant for Seniors

By David Lawrence

I always hated Rom Emanuel.  I think he was a ballet dancer or something when he was young.  His mom sent him to ballet school. After the 2008 presidential election, President Barack Obama appointed Rom Emanuel to serve as White House Chief of Staff.
Every time I saw him on television he was arrogant, pompous and nasty.  This is not a digression.  A person’s personality often results in failed deeds.  He contributed to a failed president, Barack Obama.
His brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, is even more arrogant than he.  When I saw him on television he reminded me of the devil.  There was an evil beneath his medical ideas.  He pontificated about how long people should and shouldn’t live and how his flawed Affordable Care Act was a magnificent piece of legislation that would help everyone that it didn’t hurt.
Ezekiel spoke about how we should shovel money over from keeping seniors alive to the young and healthy. We could afford healthcare for seniors if Emanuel hadn’t assaulted us with ObamaCare where millions of people lost their doctors and their health care.  He also had to waste more money on deductibles and premiums. He put us more in debt so that we couldn’t afford to cover our seniors.  And yet ObamaCare started as a spin-off of Medicare which was designed for the old.  Has Emanuel forgotten our priorities? Health care is designed for Seniors.
Sarah Palin worried about death panels.  Obama made fun of her for such an absurd idea.  But Ezekiel openly promotes euthanasia which is subtly embedded in Obamacare and no one makes fun of him.
Ezekiel accuses people of living past seventy five of using up health care’s resources.  He suggests that by knocking off people over seventy-five that we will have more money to minister to the young. He never thinks that if utopian naïfs like Obama didn’t waste money on his colossal bureaucratic health program or solar panels or the ideological EPA that we would be able to afford health care for our senior citizens.
Never have I known of a society cruel enough to kill its elderly.  Only Ezekiel would follow in this Nazi approach.  And he is a Jew?  Didn’t he learn anything from the demolishment of our people?
There are so many people past their seventies who have contributed to society.  What about Yeats, Grandma Moses, Kissinger, Barzun, etc.  Why doesn’t Ezekiel decide to exterminate young people with IQ’S beneath one hundred or cripples?
Ezekiel has no heart.  He is all illogical logic.  He is the failure of modernity caught in the strictures of make-believe progress.  He reminds me of his brother, Rom, who presides over the city with the most shootings—Chicago.  He reminds me of his former boss, Obama, whose ideas fail to meet the test of pragmatism. 


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