Saturday, November 8, 2014


By David Lawrence,Ph.D

I blog for Tea Party Nation,  American Thinker, Daily Caller, World Net Daily, Intellectual Conservative and Eagle Rising. 
Lately I have written political poems. Most poets are liberal but I am a conservative poet.  I am trying to tell our side of the story.  I am well-published and have published several books which can be found on Amazon:com.
The Editor-in-Chief of Eagle Rising, Onan J. Coca, loved them so much that he just published my book on Amazon:  OBAMA IN THE SKY WITH DEMOCRATS.
I have excerpted some quotes from my book, “Obama in the Sky with Democrats.”
I think of ISIS cutting the heads off of children….
If you can’t hate your enemy you can’t love yourself.
And in a loveless world heads roll like religious bowling balls.
The Koran reads like Reservoir Dogs.
It is the religion of death,
A pulp fiction of blood.
Where oh where has Tarantino gone?
Into a celluloid film of Muslim beheadings.

Obama is playing God again,
Picking the dead instead of jellybeans from a Presidential jar.

I understand the inconvenience of children, of life,
                                Of the world, of religion.
I do not understand kicking up your heels in a ho down of death,
Dancing to abortion’s music.

Al Gore is crawling across the Arctic on his knees,

Worried that he will fall through the ice,

Crack a bone,

Lose his Nobel Prize to someone with a graduate degree

In climatology.

Obama, your icon is Pinocchio.  You can’t get out of the way of your own nose.
I wish I had Obama’s good posture. 
He has put too much unnecessary weight on my shoulders.

Forgiveness is a fault that leads to redundant terror.

You dance in your self-approbation like a mirror that has fallen in love with itself.

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