Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Trump Problem

By Terrance Huiskens

So Donald Trump doesn’t like vaccines. Odd. His supporters seem to be thoroughly inoculated against common sense and decency. His visceral attack against Rosie O'Donnell is a heroic stand against political correctness? His bizarre attack on Carly Fiorina’s looks is a misunderstanding? No. It’s deliberate, childish, and totally at odds with the values of the Republican Party.

But Donald Trump marches on anyway, as if there exists no “gross out” point. His egomania is billed as confidence. His petulance written off as courage. Is there anything this man can do or say that will give his supporters pause? Or is Trump forever free to be scandalously asinine?

Not forever. Trump’s childish antics may woo enough Republicans to win him the nomination (unlikely but possible), but they won’t play well against Clinton’s Machine or Bernie Sanders’ sincerity. And there goes the country, bankrupt both fiscally and morally. Is this the way in which conservatives want to protest the establishment, by handing over the country to criminals and radicals?

It could be worse. Russia could posture for geopolitical power in the Middle East. Iran could chant “Death to Israel” and still receive billions from the United States Oh, wait. This is reality. It’s scary, isn’t it? But imagine all of this in addition to our military becoming the magnifying glass of an irritable child in search of an ant!

Um, check please.

And what does this mean for the Republican Party should we nominate someone as unqualified and dangerous as Donald Trump? Would it ever recover from such a blunder? No. It would signal the end of conservatism in America. The party of Ronald Reagan would be no more.

There are plenty of qualified candidates to choose from. Republicans needn’t gallop into the absurd.

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