Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Elites Lay Intellectual Foundation For Deliberate Systematized Depopulation

A Berkley academic that no doubt fancies himself an advocate of diversity, multiculturalism and moral relativism has proposed altering a variety of policies aimed at making the lives of those that dwell in rural areas uncomfortable.

This is apparently punishment for individuals daring to exhibit the audacity to make life decisions other than his.

His argument is that it is not efficient to extend the conveniences of twenty-first century existence to those living beyond the confines of concentrated centers of population.

The ironic thing is that those residing in rural areas would probably not descend into a state of feral savagery as quickly as those living in metropolitan areas, particularly those usually not required to lift a finger to earn the luxuries often lavished upon them.

But perhaps most importantly it is this sort of mindset articulated by someone claiming to be a philosopher that results in a future where two tributes are selected annually from the outlying districts to compete in gladiatorial games to the death.

By Frederick Meekins

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