Monday, September 21, 2020

Diversity Apparently Means Uniformity Of Opinion


In light of the state moving in a more liberal direction as evidenced in light of policies against the Second Amendment and in favor of abortion, a number of Virginia conservatives are tentatively contemplating what it would take for certain areas of the Commonwealth to become part of West Virginia instead.

For daring to encourage such a “conversation” or “dialog” (to use the liberal parlance in regards to a topic where the only opinion that will be allowed to be considered publicly is already predetermined), it was hoped such voices would just up and leave the state.

Expressing a similar sentiment in 2014 with that notion having resurfaced in a number of social media posts, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decreed that conservatives of various stripes such as pro-life, traditional marriage, and Second Amendment activists would not be welcome in the state.

So if it is out of line for not only elected officials but grassroots citizens alike to suggest that the new arrivals to these shores go back whence they came should the traditional way things are done here are not done suitably to their liking, why is it acceptable for those holding government office to tell actual Americans that they are not wanted where as citizens they have every right to be?

Where is the celebration of absolute diversity on the part of those that usually demand such under threat of violence?

By Frederick Meekins

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