Thursday, December 10, 2020

If Vaccine As Effective As Propaganda Claims, Why Will You Need Booster?

The American people are constantly reminded by news propaganda that the nation is on the cusp of being extended the beneficence of the Coronoavirus vaccine by the technocrats that seemingly grant us permission to exist.

And now, by the way, it has been admitted that this might not be a one time deal. Those wishing to comply with the increasingly dictatorial mandates imposed upon them by their overlords might have to get a booster inoculation sometime down the road. This raises a serious question.

Much of what we have been forced to endure for nearly a year and in the months to come has been justified in the name of a looming “herd immunity”.

If that is achieved, theoretically months or years could pass with almost no one suffering from the affliction.

Thus, if the virus allegedly can only survive for a few hours on a surface, how would it be reintroduced to the human population having gone so long without opportunistic hosts other than through a deliberate release on par with an orchestrated biological attack?

By Frederick Meekins

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