Saturday, June 26, 2021

Joint Chiefs Chairman Sides With America's Enemies


Chairman Of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff General Mark Milley at a congressional hearing likened studying Critical Race Theory to reading works by Marxists such as Lenin and Mao. It is one thing to know your enemy.

It is another to read and assimilate these works as a sycophantic convert as Milley has obviously become.

For if the high ranking Pentagon functionary was the objective strategist he parades himself as before the American people, he would have spent as much time warning about the concrete threat posed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter as he did the amorphous “White rage” he never bothers to define or even accurately describe.

For while he was visibly discombobulated regarding the Capitol Kerfuffle of January 6th, looting and rioting of other people’s property is not that much of a concern to him. It is claimed he verbalized the vilest of profanities (perhaps language he picked up from the leftist theoreticians with whom he seems quite enamored) when a Trump advisor observed that protests had turned American cities into war zones.

Wonder if the General would have been as dismissive if it had been the Pentagon or the officers’ club on the verge of being burned to the ground.

By Frederick Meekins

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