Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Propagandists Outraged Conservatives Speaking Out Against Leftwing Corporatism

 The cover of the 8/12/22 issue of Newsweek depicts an elephant prepared to step on a Mickey Mouse standing atop a soapbox holding a megaphone in one hand and the homosexual ensign in the other.

The article is titled accordingly to decry, “War On Woke: As More Companies Take A Liberal Stand On Social Issues, The Right Is Fighting Back”.

One would do well to consider the underlying philosophical presuppositions.

A good number of these corporations no doubt adopted the revolutionary social agenda out of fear of being vandalized by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Propagandists such as Newsweek would no doubt celebrate such agitation and the accompanying capitulation simply as examples of application of the First Amendment.

Then on what grounds is there cause for concern if absolute values do not really exist in a pluralistic “democracy” when conservatives organize in a less destructive manner to attempt to ensure that corporatists acknowledge the interests of this ideological perspective as well?

by Frederick Meekins

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