Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Star Wars Miniseries Construed As Cautionary Morality Tale

The Star Wars series “Andor” is being marketed as an allegory regarding the Trump Presidency in regards to the loss of individual rights.

The series is purported to chronicle the rise of the Rebel Alliance in opposition to the Galactic Empire. 

So apparently insurrections against certain forms of authority are to be celebrated while so roundly condemned in regards to others as to equate the simple asking of questions with acts of terrorism. 

The truly discerning find themselves forced to ask is the curtailment of human liberties something confined solely to the Trump Administration?

  If anything, during the worst phases of the Plague, at least he as president at the time made an attempt to recognize the truth that rights endowed by the Creator could not legitimately be infringed upon simply because technocrats declared some kind of emergency.

  If we are to see the realities of our world reflected in the beloved space opera, if anything it would seem contemporary Democrats mirror the sort of authoritarian tendencies embodied by the Galactic Empire. 

Sounding akin to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, or the typical MSNBC pundit, Palpatine from the rostrum of his legislative chamber assured the assembled just how much he loved democracy with the measures implemented in support of the noble aspirations of security and stability. 

It was not Donald Trump that threatened to destroy the livelihoods of those refusing to acquiesce to invasive pharmaceutical therapies and insinuated that those reluctant to conceal their visages ironically like some sort of Star Wars stormtrooper were unpatriotic subversives. 

Foremost among those harping the Trumpian parallels to be considered in this iteration of the Star Wars narrative was series cast member Fiona Shaw. 

But viewers should not come to the conclusion that this thespian is sensitive to the subtle dangers of the encroaching tyranny all around us. 

Instead she remarked that the social distancing imposed during the Lockdown that destroyed mental health to the point of addiction and suicide for a disturbing number would only result in creativity an self-improvement.

She assured the United Press International we would emerge into a new world in which we would never be the same.  

As a point of disconcerting trivia, perhaps it should be pointed out that the policy agenda Palpatine conspired to implement over the course of the Star Wars saga was titled none other than that of “the New Order”.

By Frederick Meekins

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