Monday, April 5, 2010

Steven Weber Wings It

It's astonishing what passes for incisive, insightful political commentary in the liberal blogosphere.

Case in point: An article "written" by actor Steven Weber on The Huffington Post.

What? Steven Weber isn't ringing a bell? He was on the sitcom Wings which aired on NBC in the 1990s. Yeah, I haven't given him much thought over the past decade either.

Well, now Weber is taking a stab at liberal political commentary. Here are his "thoughts" on Republicans:

The proof that they will never, ever let this president -- this Democratic president -- tell them what's what is that no matter what he posits in terms of fixing all the things Bush broke, things which always could have been improved upon, things which would benefit less fortunate Americans, things which would restore our prestige abroad, which would restore the warmth to the nation's character, the Republicans look at him (and by extension the majority of America) with dead eyes, crossed arms and do absolutely nothing.

No alternative plans, suggestions, advice. No involvement, curiosity, no moments of introspection. Allowing violently disposed fringe elements to steer policy when that job used to be the bailiwick of legislators and operatives schooled in poly-sci. It's an approach that begs the question:

Do Republicans actually like Democracy?

Well, where was Weber was when Paul Ryan was making mincemeat out of President Obama's arguments on health care reform? Where was Weber when Republicans were introduced over 70 pieces of health care legislation since President Obama took office?

Weber was probably too busy contemplating this original piece of liberal thought:

Even after realizing that Obama, master of many things they aren't, is also demonstrating a centrist rather than a dreaded leftist approach to governance, in many ways incorporating aspects which they themselves have favored in the past, to put forward his workable agenda as opposed to the armageddon/fascist/socialist dystopia the frothing Republican mouthpieces warned of, they still refuse to play.

Damn vexing! So, what could it be?

Hmm. Could it... is it because... oh, I don't know... is it because he's...

Nah. That would be too simplistic, too 19th century. Oh. Wait a minute...

When in doubt just call Republicans racist. Come to think of it Steven Weber is pretty good at this liberal political commentary gig. All he has to do is wing it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, and when the truth hits you Republicans in the face, you try to deflect it by ignoring it. Bring up one minor point, and miss the major ones.
He's right. You are the No to Everything party. You aren't getting your way, and you're all behaving like 5 year olds in retaliation.
Why weren't your idiot buddies doing this Tea Party horseshit when you had a completely crap president in the White House for 8 miserable years? If anyone deserved your scorn, it was President Head up his Ass. But then, sucky as he was, he was wearing your team's uniform. And that's all that really matters to the party of the non-thinkers, isn't it?
Before you start attacking Democrats for my opinions; I'm not one. I've been an Independent since I registered at age 18.
You people only get accused of racism when that's what it looks like.
Just be happy we finally have a President that won't be spending the next 3 plus years on a ranch in Texas, as opposed to doing his damned job.

Stacey E.