Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will Baseball Fans Boycott The Arizona Diamondbacks?

I have not made any comment concerning immigration legislation signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer last week. At this point, I will continue to withhold comment until I have some questions I have answered.

However, it is worth noting that boycott efforts against Arizona are already underway including one urging baseball fans to refrain from attending Arizona Diamondbacks games.

As of this writing the D'Backs are 9-10 as we approach the end of April. In 2009, the D'Backs finished in last place in the NL West. If they play like they did last year then baseball fans will refrain from attending D'Backs games, immigration law or no immigration law.

Yet it must be noted that Phoenix is set to host the 2011 MLB All-Star Game. Don't be surprised if pressure is brought to bear against MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to move the game to another National League city. If Selig doesn't bow to that kind of pressure then I think the pro-amnesty forces might urge the game's top Latin American players to refuse to attend the game if they are selected to their league's All Star Team. If someone like Albert Pujols (who is arguably the best player in the game) were to refuse to attend in protest against this law then people will sit up and take notice and for all the wrong reasons.

Currently, there are only 11 players born in Mexico on big league rosters. But there are a lot of players from countries like Venezuela and the Dominican Republic not to mention American players from Puerto Rico. Let's also remember that many of them under spring training in Arizona. And lest we forget the Arizona Fall League.

I have no doubt MLB will prep player personnel with regard to the law of the land in Arizona. But if a player were to get caught up in a misunderstanding arising over this legislation the repercussions could have long term effects on MLB's relationship with the state of Arizona.

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