Friday, November 19, 2010

Outrageous new TSA regulations requiring invasive private body part patdowns, airport scanners peering through clothing

The TSA is out of control under the Obama administration, and hypocritically, where is the left to protest? The protests against these invasive new searches of airplane travelers are mainly coming from a few Republican Congressman. The TSA is aggressively implementing airport scanners that see your genitals through your clothing at airport after airport. If you refuse them, or set off the metal detector, the TSA requires you to take a more thorough version of the patdown. This photo was taken by the Denver Post, of a man undergoing an invasive patdown of his genitals. This is outrageous, and as strongly as I feel about fighting terrorism, there has to be a better way than this.

The US Travel Association has put up a website to deal with the TSA's aggressive searches after receiving more than 1000 unsolicited complaints about the recent level of increased TSA searches. Facebook - and Twitter channel to use is #travelvoice.

The photos below are from TSA scanners:

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