Sunday, December 5, 2010

Helen Thomas Does It Again

Helen Thomas is at it again. Last Thursday, Thomas was the keynote speaker at a conference in Dearborn, Michigan on the subject of this conference was bias against Arab-Americans. Organizers billed it as, "Images and Perceptions of Arab-Americans: The New America: Mom, Apple Pie and Arab Bashing."

Apparently, the nonagenerian thought the best way to address bias against Arab-Americans was to engage in some more anti-Semitism. Thomas said, "Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion."

Detroit's Wayne State University, Thomas' alma mater, responded the following day by revoking its Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award. I'm not sure why Wayne State officials still thought Helen Thomas embodied the spirit of diversity after she told Jews to get the hell out of Palestine. But I suppose better late than never.

The full video of Thomas' speech can be found here. Towards the end of her remarks, Thomas makes reference to Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. It is ironic Thomas would invoke Dr. King. After all, it was Dr. King who in a letter to an "Anti-Zionist Friend" wrote:

Let my words echo in the depths of your soul: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews - make no mistake about it.

So when Helen Thomas says Zionists own Congress, the White House, Hollywood and Wall Street, she means Jews. Make no mistake about it.

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