Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Village Voice Includes Me in "Ten Best Rightblogger Rants of 2010"

It seems that The Village Voice has some fellow named Roy Edroso who monitors the conservative blogosphere for impure thoughts.

I know this because I have made his list of "The 10 Best Rightblogger Rants of 2010." Yeah, yeah, I'm only tenth on the list. But hey, I made the team.

So what exactly did I do to make the cut? Was it my defense of Arizona's immigration law? Is it because I believe The Tea Party isn't racist? Or perhaps because I'm not a fan of the Ground Zero Mosque?

But alas none of these things qualified me for a spot on Edroso's list. However, my commentary on the 2010 World Series between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants did.

"You'd think people who are always bitching about Political Correctness would know enough to leave politics out of sports. Alas, not even the October Classic is safe from their ministrations," harrumphed Edroso. He goes on to write, "You can guess which Goldstein considered a suitable home for America's team."

Apparently, Edroso did not read my article from start to finish. For his edification, here is the concluding paragraph:

I really don't have a dog in this fight. There are no Yankees to root against. So I'm happy if either team wins. The Rangers have never won a World Series and the Giants haven't won since 1954 when they were still playing at the Polo Grounds. Rangers and Giants fans might not agree on much. But I think they can both agree that it is fun to watch their teams play in the World Series.

Not that I mind being Edroso's list (even if I'm at the bottom of it). Where's the fun if I can't annoy liberals, socialists, communists and other assorted left-wing travelers?

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