Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama Lost The Election on June 8, 2012

James Piereson suggests that June 21st may be the day that President Obama lost the 2012 election.

I submit that Piereson is off by less than a fortnight.

President Obama lost the election on June 8th.

That was the day the President said, "The private sector is doing fine."

It was on that day that I wrote, "As long as the economy continues to stall or gets worse, those six words will come back to haunt President Obama."

The information Piereson conveyed concerning the stock market, oil prices, unemployment claims and bad news from the Federal Reserve merely gives lie to President Obama's words. While June 21st was the day President Obama's words came back to haunt him, June 8th was the day he chose to utter them.
Now I realize the election is 137 days away and fortunes can change in an instant. But President Obama is going to have to do something meaningful in order to reverse the damage he did to his credibility on June 8, 2012.

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