Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Very Afraid

by David Lawrence

On November 19th, 2012 Jack Healy writes a column in the New York Times where he expresses that conservatives are feeling left behind by the liberal president.    
What about the liberals?  Obama has consistently done nothing but lower the employment and salaries of his diverse base-- women, youth, Hispanics and totally bigoted blacks (who all vote for him.)
He is not a liar.  He just doesn’t know what he is doing. Our future bears no relation to his promises. The Democrats can’t read the writing on the wall.
It is Obama’s aura and orations not his accomplishments that garner votes.  He demands everyone get their fair share but does nothing to give it to them.  Instead he gets more than his fair share and has spent more money on personal stuff than any president in the White House before him.  He has indebted his people to an incomprehensible 16 trillion dollars.
Healy says that conservatives are worried that they are sliding into the past.  The past is far better than the horrors of a bankrupt future where our depleted military can’t defend us against attack and our morals are based on convenience and rationale.
Since when is the traditional past considered worse than the chaotic future? The future past will one day be our past-past.  What we will be condemned to repeat will make the real past want to retreat into a footnote. Obama will have his wavering DNA on it. It will be a political crime scene.
Conservatives and Liberals, should listen to Robert De Niro in Cape Fear, “Be afraid!  Be very afraid!”

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