Monday, November 12, 2012

Examples of Election Fraud around the Country and What we can do About it

After I wrote an article for Townhall on how Obama won the election due to election fraud, I received hundreds of emails around the country documenting election fraud, particularly in the swing states. Here are some of those stories, as well as some solutions I received from readers, which are in the second part. 

We had the same thing in st lucie county florida where 140 percent of the registered voters voted...
The Democrat voter fraud here in FL is now basically done in the open with little resistance, particularly in South FL. Part of this years strategy was to just keep polls open in key areas and keep bused-in people voting as long as need to achieve desired results and assure Obama win. Part of operation involved recycling voters into lines and having complicit news crews report on hours-long lines and then having complicit judges order polls to stay open. Independent crews who tried to film this in Tampa were threatened/driven away by thugs. Republican observers in polls were blocked, intimidated, and not allowed to observe some activites including what was described to me as refilling some absentee envelopes with new ballots and throwing out others after opening them with claims of non-matching signatures. I was told by one harrassed photographer that Tampa Police said they were told not to interfere with anything at polls. In key districts in S FL, Democrats kept polls open well past midnight (closing time 7) without legal authority to allow bused and herded in people to vote. Voters were herded by organizers giving voting instructions. Some herded in voters also had IDs with names they could not pronounce or spell but were allowed to vote anyway. A concerted effort was made to oust Congressman Allen West and to assure Bill Nelson stayed in Senate. We also had districtsm with well over 100% turnout. During 2008 election, I reported ACORN people in Tampa area registering and filling out ballots for comatose and demented people in nursing centers and was told not a problem. The cheating machine here is well organized and manned. Florida could save a lot of money simply declaring Democrats winners in national elections.
Election rigged - stolen! You left out illegal aliens voting. Here in Nevada it was rampant. As County worker, working polls on Election day it was obvious - but risked losing job if a single word uttered in challenge! Sickening.
I just wanted to pop you a note I live in Hamilton County Oh (cincinnati) & this past weekend I had 2 different people tell me that when they voted at their polls the scanning machine was "broken" they had to then place their ballots in a box..
One dimension of the cheating issue that you didn't mention in your article is the high tech hacking of electronic counting and tabulating devices - in particular optical scanners of paper ballots. There are already several known instances of in Dem dominated counties in south Florida, plus studies and testimony by computer scientists concluding that many of these devices are in indeed highly vulnerable to these schemes. Not surprisingly, some previously known instances of such hacking occurred wihin the last four years in counties comprising parts of West's new district!
In Clairmont, FL, a friend waited in line to vote, but the majority of other voters were impatient, they wanted to get it overwith so they could spend their $5 "voter voucher", a card valid at Walmart. This actually happened, votes purchased. It will never be investigated, and is surely widespread.
I worked at a polling place here in Indiana and we had lines out the door all day long. I took that to mean that people really wanted change as in Romney. When I got home and saw everything going in the opposite direction I was in shock. Plus after listening to the radio the next day many other areas experienced the same voter momentum only to find out it went for Obama. This is incredible to believe after seeing the crowds out for Romney and Obama couldn't even fill a stadium. I, too, believe there was a lot of cheating going on to win this election. If Obama truly won - why weren't any other states (other than the swing states) sucked into his campaign victory. Something doesn't ring true and I don't know why Romney people don't fight back.
I live in Columbus Ohio where Bus loads of Somalians were taken to the polls to vote Obama. over half the 25,000 Somalian residents of Columbus are not U.S. citizens. Our system has become a joke.


Please join us in the urgent call for a Forensic Investigation of voting machines and a certified CPA Audit of voters / votes cast. We cannot permit this outrageous theft of America to go uncorrected.
I completely agree with your column on Obama's fraudulent win. Apparently, many other do too. There's a petition going to recount the votes. I thought you might be interested in it.
Please explain to me why all the states cannot be forced to recount votes as Allen West has done in the state of Florida?!?!?
Sharon Rondeau has some postings at The Post & E Mail concerning possible election challenges.
if obamaphones were purchased by the taxpayer, and they were used to call voters the day or week of the election, might that have broken a law sufficient to influence the electoral college? FOIA subpoena the phone records?
Hello Rachel, In some places election fraud is LEGAL, not illegal. See for more details
It is obvious that fraud was committed during this election; mishandled ballot, machine difficulties and the deceased voting. Please read my petition to reform our electoral process.

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