Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free Will in Sandy Hook

by David Lawrence

My wife tells me that God created free will so that we should not blame him for killers. That we should not be angry at him for the twenty little dead babies at Sandy Hook.
I say, “By giving Adam Lanza free will he took away the free will of those children to play, to breathe, to live.  Does God only give free will to overpowering killers?  God disappoints me. “
 “Christ died for you,” she says.
“He was subject to the benighted free will of the Romans,” I say.   “He was a good man without the Godly apparatus to defend himself.”
“Christ had free will.”
“If you believe he wanted to die,” I say.  “The Romans had free will too.  Apparently, there’s was more effective.”
“That’s sacrilegious,” my wife says.
“Truth often is,” I say.  “Free will in a killer is worth more than that in a child or a saint.  I don’t think God was fair in his apportionment of free will,” I say.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I am what I say.  I am the freedom of thought, the celebration of will, the instant word of evaluation. I am mourning God’s reluctance to intercede.  I am saying that free will is comparative and not Godly. The dead children of Sandy Hook are heaven and earth’s condemnation.”

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