Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obama Welcomes the Fiscal Cliff

by David Lawrence

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner boasts that Barack Obama is willing to go off the so-called fiscal cliff if Republicans don’t increase taxes on those who earn more than $250,000. So, our fearless leader, Obama, a scholar in economics, a mathematical whiz kid, is willing to damage our whole country if he doesn’t get his way. 
Hell hath no fury like a metrosexual spurned. The shrew can’t be tamed.  It’s his way or the highway.  All or none, no matter how much it damages America, his country, his target for spiteful arrows of outrageous decrease in fortune.  Hamlet was also adolescent.
Obama doesn’t care if he punishes us with automatic spending cuts and tax rate increases.  If an agreement is not reached by January 1st he will go over the cliff with us in his knapsack.
Geithner defends Obama’s approach and pretends that he is protecting Medicare for the future when he has done nothing to avoid its going bankrupt and has recommended no substantial easing of entitlements.  Geithner claims he will be using taxpayers' resources wisely when he has in fact stupidly marched us into a 16 trillion dollar debt. He defends Obama’s economic failures and says that they are worth going over the economic cliff. The choice to Geithner and Obama is not between going over the cliff and saving ourselves but between getting their way or the highway.
While Obama has offered no compromise the House Republican leaders presented a counteroffer, including changes to Medicare and cuts to spending. Obama and Geithner rejected the offer as a “wish list” but offered no compromise in its place.
Obama doesn’t care if going off the fiscal cliff will set the economy back into a recession.  He never had a father.  I suppose he is guessing at what a father’s authoritarian attitude should be and he is adopting it for himself. I’m beginning to believe that there should be a law against damaged people becoming President.
While America waits for the fiscal cliff situation to be resolved, businesses are cutting back.   Orders of non-military goods have gone down and consumers are spending less. Retail sales are declining.  
Going over the fiscal cliff would impact the private sector as well as the federal.   The federal sector would cut 615,000 jobs; the private sector would lose 1.5 million jobs. Obama wants to enable our economic suicide just so he can get his juvenile way. Doesn’t he have any foresight to determine the relative demerits of various proposals? Can’t he see that adding $5,700 more a year to a middle class individual’s taxes is negative?   
Obama boasts that he is the great friend of the middle class.  He is leading them to their financial demise.  Riding a steed in his armor no one can see his toothy military smile and his big ears that betray his hiding in his helmet from reality, listening to his own echo like the ocean in a conch shell. 

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