Saturday, April 20, 2013

by David Lawrence

Obama wowed the bathetic, emotionally charged, simplistic  audience in Connecticut when he tried to save gun control legislation, “Now’s the time to get engaged.  Now’s the time to get involved.  Now’s the time to push back on fear and frustration and misinformation.”  
The arrogant narcissistic tone of his gun control speech applies to all his other grandiose plans.  Once again Obama is outlining his bad qualities and accusing others of having them.  He blames others for “fear and frustration and misinformation” while he has pandered fear about the sequestration and frustrated the middle class with incipient inflation and lack of jobs.
He has told the people that Obamacare would be cheaper, that we could all keep our original policies and that seniors would have more opportunities rather than limited coverage and death panels.
Obama looks in the mirror at his bad qualities and turns it around and reflects his own negativity back on the Republicans. 
Obama wanted a good thing—health care for everyone.  Instead he ruined it by being overly ambitious.  There won’t be enough doctors for the new patients and our country will go bankrupt from the additional layers of bureaucratic administration.
Guns or health care, Obama lies about the possible results and pretends he could do more than he could do.  He is a phony whether he is refusing to drill for oil, holding up the Keystone XL Pipeline, limiting fracking,  giving out free condoms, refusing to vote against infanticide or backing contradictory gay marriage. 
Obama is engaged in concepts that are too large for his sophomoric, jump-to-conclusions mind.  He wants to change everything because he doesn’t know how to modify the adjustable. His idea of baby steps is a leap off the Grand Canyon.
He implements the impossible instead of the probable.  He has the rigidity of an ideologue and the opinionated simplicity of Mr. Potato Head. 

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