Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Liberty University allows gun owners with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus and inside buildings
by Amanda Horne

Currently, I am a law student at Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg Virginia. On April 1st 2013, Liberty University took a bold and courageous step announcing their new policy to allow all students with valid state and university concealed weapons permits to carry on campus, even inside buildings. Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., Law School Dean Matthew Staver, and the board of trustees are visionaries who believe in freedom, the Second Amendment, and the right of individuals to protect themselves. The leaders of Liberty University did not cave to the pressure of the left or succumb to the media’s frenzy over recent events, and instead stepped up to provide a realistic and effective policy that will prevent a Virginia Tech style shooting on their campus. Liberty University has put the deranged gunmen of the world on notice. Liberty University will not be an easy target for you. God forbid, but if an incident ever were to occur on our campus, rest assured we will fight and we will protect ourselves. I am very proud to share this news, and very proud of Liberty University’s leaders for taking this principled position.  Liberty is a shining example to all other colleges and universities around the country.
I urge you, do not let them talk you into trying to protect yourself with a rape whistle, a call box, security guards, text messages, or even law enforcement to ensure you are safe on campus.

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