Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gathering the Votes

by David Lawrence

New York mayoral hopeful, Christine Quinn, wants to weaken cops, vitiate our safety and lean in the direction of socialism, letting the weak get more than their fair share. She is also defending a ten story sanitation garage in Soho near where celebs like John Slattery, Kristen Dunst, Lou Reed, Jennifer Connelly and Michael Stipe live.  She feels their investment in quality buildings should not protect them from living like the poor. She doesn’t recognize that life style relates to economics in America.
Quinn’s spokesman, Mike Morey, defends her decision, “The days of expecting only low-income communities to bear the burden of sanitation or public-works facilities are over, and if the belief costs Chris Quinn the vote of a celebrity, that’s a price she is willing to pay on behalf of all New Yorkers.”
Gee, I thought the purpose of a free enterprise, capitalistic society, was so that money could be used to afford better living conditions.  If being poor allows you to live as well as the rich why not put the poor in Olympic or Trump Towers? What about giving them triplexes at 740 Park Ave?
Of course, Quinn like Obama doesn’t need the votes of the rich.  There are so few of them.  Better rip off the millions of the poor and the middle class.  Get them to vote for her and then do as little as possible for them. Look at how the middle class incomes have gone down under Obama, their patron saint.

There is nothing more dangerous than a vote-gatherer pledging good deeds when they are merely garnering votes to feed their own egos.

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