Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oprah Wants Us To Feel Sorry For Her

by David Lawrence

Oprah Winfrey is worth 2.8 billion dollars and complains that a lowly shop girl wouldn’t show her a $38,000 Tom Ford bag in a Zurich boutique.
You’d think that she has something better to do than accuse a shop girl of racism. She has the world by the throat but now she wants to coopt racism.  She wants to feel like she is a home girl so that she doesn’t have to feel guilty for being so much richer than her sisters.
Shame on Oprah.  She is not a homey.  She is a billionaire who has no clue as to what prejudice is.  She lives in a world of praise and fan adoration.  Why she wants us to feel sorry for her, I have no clue.  She is a private jet liberal.
The only prejudice she experiences is the bias of being given absolute privilege. And yet she wants the sympathy of being considered a prejudiced against unfortunate. She wants to pretend that she is a disadvantaged sister while she is spoiled billionaire.


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