Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Is The GOP Losing Its Will To Fight?

 A story in the 10/3/22 edition of the Christian Science Monitor is titled “In Arizona, a major test of GOP unity: Will Republicans follow Barry Goldwater or Donald Trump?” 

But in the contexts of their respective particular historical moments, were these figures viewed that differently by their respective Party establishments and leftwing media critics? 

After all, was it not Goldwater that intoned that extremism in the defense of liberty was no vice and that moderation in the defense of justice was no virtue? 

In retaliation, the Johnson campaign produced the infamous Daisy Ad in which a young girl was seemingly incinerated in an atomic explosion. 

Say what you will about the alleged differences between Trump and Goldwater. 

However, one is forced to admit that a wall is inherently more peaceful than a nuclear deterrence can ever hope to be.

By Frederick Meekin

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