Friday, December 30, 2022

Response To Capitol Kerfuffle An Excuse To Curtail Free Speech

 In light of the Capitol Kerfuffle, powerful elites are vociferously suggesting that those questioning the outcome of the 2020 election should be banned from social media or even forced to resign from elected office.

So what other notions considered to be historical truths should we be forbidden from questioning if we as individuals wish to retain our tenacious grip on what few diminishing liberties and opportunities we will be allowed by technocratic elites?

For nearly two decades now, it has been suggested that those that question global warming or climate change should be charged with no less than crimes against humanity.

If today one cannot question an election in which a significant number of Americans have raised a variety of valid concerns, what punishments or sanctions will be imposed upon citizens with the courage to question the legitimacy of racial reparations when such scams are pushed through the federal legislature?

In light of the Capitol Kerfuffle, progressives are at the forefront of rallying to the defense of a structure propagandists now categorize as “beloved” and as “a symbol of democracy”.

It is amazing how a comprehensive narrative can flip in less than the span of a single news cycle.

For those espousing leftwing ideology not that long ago were calling for the demolition of federal city edifices no less impressive as the Capitol such as the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

Even more importantly these radical activists agitate constantly for the implementation of the very revolutionary Marxism that has destroyed lives and liberty around the globe.

by Frederick Meekins

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