Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Canada Day!!!

It's July 1st. That means one thing to me.

Canada Day

Well, Canada Day (or Dominion Day as it was once known) isn't all that much different from the Fourth of July. Families get together, friends get together. Throw in a little alcohol. Maybe some barbecue. Of course, there are fireworks.

Although in 1996, I attended Canada Day celebrations in Toronto and there were no fireworks due to budget cuts. How do you have a Canada Day without fireworks? It's just not natural. I mean even Thunder Bay has fireworks. Very tiny fireworks. But fireworks nonetheless.

I used to live in Ottawa and so on several occasions during the 1990s I would be amongst the one hundred thousand or so people who would gather on the grass on Parliament Hill. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with others.

Anyway, that's long ago. I live in America now and I will be spending this Fourth of July weekend in New York City. I have been to NYC many times but never for the Fourth. This should be very good.

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