Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesssssssss! Girls' aptitude for math now equal to boys

Finally, societal stereotyping of the sexes has been reduced, allowing girls' real aptitude for math to come through. This is a welcome finding for those of us who do not buy into the Larry Summers' and mail-order-degree-John-Gray-Men-are-from-Mars-Women-are-From-Venus mentality which asserts that women are genetically emotionally and mentally different than men.
A new study puts to rest one of the most widespread myths about boys' and girls' aptitude in math. After analyzing 7 million test scores, researchers found no difference...the new study concludes that the gender gap has vanished among students of all ages.
Girls actually performed slightly better than the boys:
In 21, boys did slightly better than girls; in 36, girls did slightly better than boys; in nine, they were matched.
Asian girls actually outperform Asian males. Although girls still lag behind on the math section of SAT scores, it is because more girls take the SAT than boys, dipping further down into the female talent pool which pulls the average down.

Obviously, if you give little girls dolls and little boys building blocks, and they see their gender playing with those kinds of toys on TV commercials, you influence their interests and brain development from a young age. I'm just surprised influence like that has finally been countered in my lifetime.
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Vinny said...

What are you so happy about?

It just means that boys are worse now in math than they were in generations past.

And is it really "math" our children are being taught?

The new math is more interested in being creative in finding an answer than finding the right answer.

This is only progress to insecure women who believe they have no identity if they cannot behave like men and do the things men do.

And since they cannot,the plan is to make the man more like a woman to "even" the playing field.

This is nothing to cheer about.