Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deadline to enter the Sammies political awards is Friday!

2010 was the year activists redrew the battle lines in American politics, erasing "R" and "D," fusing red and blue, blurring conservative and liberal, and creating bright contrast between political professional and citizen.

The Sammies celebrates ordinary Americans who take extraordinary steps to advance our freedoms.

This year, SAM will recognize their achievements with new categories, more prizes, and the best party we've ever thrown!

These extra-ordinary Americans help all of us relate to citizenship on a personal level, and inspire us all to re-imagine how we can engage in our democracy.


The official deadline for the 4th Annual Sammies is January 28, 2011.

We strongly encourage you to nominate the work of others, as well as your own work. To enter, click here to fill out our submission form.


Modern Day Sam Adams:

Prize: $20,000

Like the original Samuel Adams, this strategist sparked a revolution, redrawing the lines of the political landscape. The Strategist united people behind a vision that successfully acted as both change agent and connector.

the Messenger:

Prize: $10,000

In the spirit of Paul Revere, who warned the colonists and, more importantly, knew which doors to knock on, The Messenger is a master of the media, awakening the American people to the principles and cause of liberty.

the Public's Servant:

No cash prize as the award goes to a public official

This honoree holds themselves and their institution to a higher level of responsibility. From school board leader to congressman, the public servant awardee has enacted or helped to enact tangible improvements to their district or community from their elected or appointed position.

the Reformer:

Prize: $10,000

The Reformer is a leader in their community who works to improve and make more responsive-and responsible-the institutions of government. The Reformer is someone who organized reform measures that contributed to better government.

the Watchdog:

Prize: $10,000

Government without watchdogs is like a free all-you-can-eat-buffet. The Watchdog is a citizen who took risks by blowing the whistle or effectively making known information that promotes good government, good citizenship, or both.

the Rookie:

Prize: $10,000

In 2010, newcomers to the political scene accomplished what professional politicians couldn't. The Rookie is someone who engaged in politics for the first time. Please submit an inspiring story about how you engaged and what you accomplished.

Please direct all questions to Nic Hall at nic@samadamsalliance.org

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