Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get Your Kids a Good Education & Go to Jail

This is truly an injustice.

Earlier this month, Kelly Williams-Bolar has been sentenced to ten days in prison and three years probation for sending her daughters to get their schooling in a district in which they do not live. Williams-Bolar, who lives in a poor section of Akron, Ohio, sent her daughters to a school in a neighboring district where her father resides. Williams-Bolar registered her daughters at her father's address rather than her own.

Williams-Bolar served nine days of her sentence and was released today. She should have never been incarcerated for a second. But since this is a felony conviction, Williams-Bolar will now be unable to obtain her teaching degree.

So I guess this means Williams-Bolar's daughters will be kicked out of school? Is this justice served?

If Williams-Bolar had access to vouchers to send her daughters to the school of her choice she would not have suffered the indignity of being arrested, put on trial and deemed a convicted felon. Kelly Williams-Bohar is no criminal. I hope Ohio Governor John Kasich sees fit to pardon Williams-Bohar.

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