Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Praise of Drones Not Obama

by David Lawrence

Maybe Obama wasn’t a good swimmer as a kid.  Somehow he has always had a knee-jerk irrational hatred of waterboarding despite its effectiveness in getting information from Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
I guess it’s too messy.  It’s like boxing instead of darts.  He’d rather keep his distance and kill people from up high through the preemptive use of drones. Preemptive?  That’s right.  He hated that about Bush’s foreign policy.  
Don’t give Obama or Holder any of that enhanced interrogation. They had to go against it to denounce Bush.  It was a political ploy.  But who would have thought that they would have left their butts hanging in the breeze by killing our own citizens from the sky rather than inducing them to speak through a glass of water without loss of limb or death. 
Obama loves to kill by drone.  It’s so neat; so clean; so non-confrontational.  Zap! It’s like killing a bug.  Obama has gone as far as to say “Americans and others can be targeted if they are believed to be ‘senior operational leaders’ of al-Qaida or ‘an associated force,’ even if there is no evidence that they are engaged in an active plot to attack American interests.”
The Justice Department does its usual razzle-dazzle twisting of language, “A lawful killing in self-defense is not an assassination.”
As a patriotic person I can’t argue with Obama’s use of drones to kill our enemies and our traitors.  Contrary to Greek philosophy, I would rather kill one hundred innocent Americans than to see Awlaki set free to hook up with a nuclear weapon and kill millions.
Drone on Obama.  But I think that you should be impeached for lying like Clinton. He was not impeached for his errant erection in the Oval Office.  It was his lies.  Like your presentations of yourself as an anti-torture humane human being when you are actually a cowardly warmonger who kills people from robotic weapons in the sky. 
Like your pretending it was a spontaneous demonstration in Benghazi rather than an attack by al-Qaeda.
Hurrah for your Obama’s drone attacks but please resign from office. We can’t afford another minute of you nor another trillion dollars.

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