Saturday, February 9, 2013

Against Gay Boy Scout Leaders

by David Lawrence

Once again bullying politics is turning common sense refutation into acceptance of a suspect cause.  The Boy Scouts is considering amending its policy against homosexual participation of both members and leaders.
The bullying of liberal political correctness is again sacrificing reason for convenience.  Dare I say this?  I don’t know.  Whenever I point out that the heterosexual sex drive is as powerful as hunger and as essential to the species, the liberals hold their ears and accuse me of being bigoted and Neanderthal. 
Heavens, I don’t know what makes liberals so smart.  Most of my critics are less educated and sensitive than I am.  Most of them don’t have Ph.D.’s and have not been CEO’s.  They have errant mouths; lisps of inaccuracy. 
The liberals just have the mob on their side. They have the echo of their own pro-gay prejudice. They have faux-modernity behind their simplistic viewpoints.
Gov. Rick Perry has spoken out against gay membership in the Boy Scouts.  I am not against gay membership.  Just against gay leaders which provides a risk to the scouts through their seniority and their authority.  The homosexual sex drive is as strong as the heterosexual sex drive and leaving gay leaders in charge of little boys is as stupid as leaving a perverted sheep farmer alone with a sheep, lipstick and panties or a stalker in a school for disabled girls.
Gays want to redefine the language.  They don’t want to be accepted as perverted.  I don’t know why.  Be what you are, not what you pretend to be. I am manic depressive and a felon.  Big deal.  I don’t want to be considered normal—it’s dull.
Gays shouldn’t redefine English so that deviant sex is suddenly beautiful.  Maybe it is beautiful to gays but not to heterosexuals.  I’m sure heterosexual sex isn’t so beautiful to gays.  Take the seashells off of their eyes.  See truth and it will set you free from hate and jealousy. We hate each other because we lie.  We don’t accept the truth because we are afraid of it.  We celebrate acceptance when it is really only tolerance.
Gay troop leaders should quit trying to be scout leaders when they know in their hearts and their loins that they present a risk.

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